Sacred Essential Oils Evoking the Faery Realm of Urwelt

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Urwelt is the name of the faery realm in my books and readers will be treated to more of this faery Otherworld in my second book, The Lioness and the Faery Enchantment.  Urwelt means “primeval world” which is an apt description of the faery world which has been with us for since the beginning of humankind.  The grans spend some of their time in the world of Urwelt learning herbal wild crafting and other sacred healing arts which assist them on their new found adventures.  As many of you know, smell is our keenest sense evoking memories (both personal and ancient) and their ensuing emotions.  No essential oils do this more deeply than thefrankincense_tree_boswellia sacred oils of frankincense and myrrh.  I have never found a brand of these oils better than those I began purchasing from Ancient Essence over ten years ago.  These oils are highly concentrated and pure, but more importantly, uncut by any carrier oils or alcohol.  This is rare in the essential oil business.  I was entranced by the fragrance when I first encountered the oils at healthcare Frank and Myrrh bottleconference.  I was literally transported to another world where oils were used as an aid in the healing process—physical, emotional and spiritual.  I do not normally promote products on this website but my personal experience with these products is such that I want to share them with you.  The oils high vibrational frequency evokes a mystical appeal and presence from ancient times and dovetail deeply into the essence of the faery realm of Urwelt.  For more information on the unique therapeutic properties and uses of these oils go to Ancient Essence.  You will be pleased to finally find such a superb product of quality and integrity.

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My Book For Sale During Wee Faerie Village Exhibition


Wee Faerie Village 1My book, The Lioness of Brumley Hall, is being carried in the Florence Griswold Museum gift shop during the Wee Faerie Village exhibition. The museum is located in Old Lyme, Ct for those of you who live nearby.  I took the Wee Faerie Village tour last Saturday. Sweet miniature faerie story settings (from Harry Potter to Cinderella) located throughout the beautiful grounds. Many of the kids dress up as you can see. Fun innocent times still exist! If you live near the area, go see this sweet exhibition and give your little ones, kids and WeeFaerieVillage Faeriegrandkids, a wonderful time.

Join in on the fun at Brumley Hall.

“A colorful cast of characters illuminates every page…fantasy in the C.S. Lewis tradition…”  Beloit Magazine

Loness CubEnjoy my new family oriented action fantasy adventure about a magically gifted family pushing the limits of their powers to battle against dark magical forces with surprising results – all in the service of protecting the Faerie Queen and her daughter of the faerie realm of Urwelt. My first book in this middle grade (8 to 12 years) visionary fiction book series, The Lioness of Brumley Hall and Her Most Unusual Grandchildrenintroduces you to the world of Brumley Hall and the Lioness (grandmother matriarch) who oversees the magic, mystery and mayhem.  Grandparents will also find the book an entertaining read, especially to share with a favorite grandchild (yes, I know, every grandchild is your favorite). Gran’s eldest ten year-old granddaughter, Azalea, will keep you “in the know” as she knows everything there is to know about Brumley Hall, except what will happen next!  Join in on the rollicking misadventures at Brumley Hall. Order your print or Kindle book here.

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Mystical, Magickal Fantasy Music: Beginning with Stairway To Heaven


The charming faery sprite who delivers an invitation to the Lioness from the Faery Queen
The charming faery sprite who delivers an invitation to the Lioness from the Faery Queen

As the faerie legends of old will tell you, music was and still is a special part of the faerie tradition.  The faerie folk love nothing more than to create and listen to enchanting music.  Music and lyrics with the Faerie in mind can be found in classical compositions  (Scheherazade by Rimsky Karsakov, Rusalka or The Little Mermaid by Antonin Dvorak), opera (such as Azalea’s favorite opera, The Magic Flute) to new age (Secret Garden) and even classic rock and roll songs and lyrics (Stairway to Heaven).  Periodically, the Lioness will post videos of Faerie and fantasy inspired music to compliment her first book and the other books to come.

Gran is feeling in a rock and roll mood lately.  The beat of the music keeps her energy pumping so she can manage her household and keep tabs on all of the grans.  Her first video posting is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  If you are one of Gussie’s young readers, just ask your grandparents about Stairway to Heaven.  They’ll probably know it by heart or at least sigh heavily in remembrance of their youth when they first heard it on the Led Zeppelin album (they didn’t have CDs or Ipods back then).  You’ll dig it too, as Gran would say.  See if you can decipher the meaning of the lyrics. Continue reading “Mystical, Magickal Fantasy Music: Beginning with Stairway To Heaven”