Musical Soundtrack For Your Reading Pleasure! Enjoy The Lioness’s Preface and First Chapter!

Booktrack large

Booktrack allows an author to create a soundtrack for their book.  I created one for The Lioness of Brumley and Her Most Unusual Grandchildren.  Now you can enjoy the preface and first chapter by reading along with a musical soundtrack and audio effects.  Click on the link below and enjoy!

Music to Draw the Faerie Near

The Faerie Draw Near
The Faerie Draw Near


Canadian musician, Loreena McKennitt, sings, composes and performs music with eclectic Celtic and Middle Eastern themes.  She also plays the piano, harp and accordion but is most noted for the bell-like clarity of her dramatic vocals.  She has won critical worldwide acclaim and a devoted following including this author.  Her record label, Quinlan Road, which she self-manages and produces (If you want something done right, do it yourself, says Gran) has sold over 14 million albums to date.

As far as Gussie is concerned, Loreena’s music perfectly evokes the world of Faerie and perhaps someday she will consent to a command performance for the Faerie Queen. (Can one consent to a command?  Ahh…No Matter.) Below are two favorite video tracks to read mystical fantasy books by whenever you feel like becoming lost in a magical story or your own reverie.  Continue reading “Music to Draw the Faerie Near”