About the Author

Marian at 57Marian A Lee grew up as a voracious reader and began writing short stories at the age of eight.  A native of the Washington, D.C. area, she now lives in Connecticut where she serves as a hospice chaplain. She has a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family counseling and pursued a doctorate in political science and international affairs for two years before being sidelined by medical conditions (fortunately resolved).  Spirituality and politics has been a lifelong interest and academic pursuit and she has woven some spiritual insights and political perspectives into her books as a result.  Her close relationship with her own grandmother serves as a model for the Lioness and her grandchildren.  Lee is currently at work revising the first book in the Urweltchronicles series under the renamed title, The Lioness and the Faery Queen.  She is also well into writing the second book in the series, The Lioness and the Faery Enchantment.  In addition, she is also doing research for her nonfiction book, The Sword and the Scabbard: The Political and Spiritual Ethos of Arthurian LegendWhew! Deep breath.

She writes children’s literature for personal pleasure, as well as, for the purpose of sharing her political perspective, spiritual insights and humor with young and older readers alike.  Fond memories of her relationship with her grandmother and her relationships with her own two sons serve as the foundation for the book series. She thinks adults should be respected and respectful by not talking down to children.  She believes that people are often contrary and “too funny for words” but also kind and loving.  She loves a good mystical, mystery adventure and creates a quirky, magical world where it all comes together for an entertaining read.

Please feel free to email: urweltchronicles@gmail.com with any feedback you may have on my posts.  I will be posting some sample chapters shortly and look forward to your “take” on the story. Finally, I have decided to use my real name instead of a pen name to avoid confusion and bother in the future.

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