About the Book

The Lioness invites you into the world of Brumley Hall.
The Lioness invites you into the world of Brumley Hall.

I have significantly revised my first book and retitled it The Lioness and the Faery Queen to more accurately describe the book’s focus on the human-faery alliance and interaction.  The same cacophony of characters keep Gran busy trying to orchestrate the household but I have brought more of the faery realm back story into the foreground with visits to the Faery Queen of Urwelt and the faery village of Nestling Nelly, as well as, King Ascaric’s sinister realm of Brimstone.

The first book in the Urwelt Chronicles series is a family-oriented action fantasy adventure which introduces you to a magically gifted family pushing the limits of their powers to battle against dark magical forces with surprising results. For now, the grandchildren (grans) and their friends must learn to use their magical skills with spiritual discernment and courage for the greater good.

Set in north Wales, Isabelle Clemens, the Lioness and matriarch (Gran) of the family, oversees the world of Brumley Hall and its magic, mystery and mayhem.   Brumley Hall is a most unusual manor house hotel run by quirky adults trying to keep the resident children with magical abilities (unsuccessfully) under control. A young Buddhist monk also finds a safe haven at the Hall until called to fulfill his own destiny along with a faery princess, a fire conjuring girl and a boy from 1913. The Lioness possesses many unique magical abilities that various international spy agencies would like to use.  Her refusal to do so is not taken lightly.  If that were not enough to keep Gran busy, her grandchildren also share her siddhi abilities (teleportation, healing, levitation, time-travel, and conjuring the elements).  But great gifts can come at great expense and Gran must ensure that her grandchildren understand the costs.

The Lioness and the Faery Queen
The Lioness and the Faery Queen

The Faerie Queen also needs her help in protecting the little faerie princess, Rhiannon, from King Ascaric. He succeeds in kidnapping the Fire Deva to increase his firepower  A good sense of humor can often smooth away the rough edges and help from unexpected places is always welcomed.  A cast of unlikely characters awaits your immersion into life at Brumley Hall.

The Urwelt Chronicles series is written primarily for mature middle grade and tween readers, ages ten to fourteen years. I hope the series will also have cross-generational appeal and be an enjoyable read for parents and “boomer” grandparents. The book may even attract YA readers, especially as the series moves into darker themes.

The first unrevised edition, The Lioness of Brumley Hall and Her Most Unusual Grandchildren, is no longer available on amazon except for used copies being sold by third parties. The revised first book edition, The Lioness and the Faery Queen, will be published after editing is complete early next year (fingers crossed). The second installment, The Lioness and the Faery Enchantment, is well underway and will be published late next year.  For more information on this series and related content (faeries, Wales, magic, mystery and mayhem), follow my blog where I will try to post on a regular basis.


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