Edgar Cayce Readings on Fairies, Sprites, Elves


Edgar Cayce has been called the “sleeping prophet” and is one of the most documented psychics in the 20th century giving thousands of readings over 40 years during his adult life.  The readings are now part of the Edgar Cayce Association of Research and Enlightenment Center located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and can be accessed at the center and online as a member.  John Van Auken is the current director of the center and wrote a book exploring Cayce’s perspective on fairies, elementals and other unseen beings which might interest you.

Fairies, Sprites, Elves, and More

By John Van Auken

Auken Book FairiesOne of the most surprising readings Edgar Cayce gave was to an oilman seeking help finding a new oil field. The man asked if he should seek the help of a person in New York City or another in London, to which Cayce replied, “Rather had the entity best listen to the voices from within, that present themselves as the activities about the entity-or brownies.” (1265-2) Brownies? Yes, brownies! This had to be a shock to those listening to this instruction. In fact, they weren’t sure if they understood him correctly, so they followed up with another reading the next day, asking: “What is meant by the term ‘brownies’ in the last answer of the Check Reading?” The sleeping Cayce replied, “The manner in which those of the elementals-entities who have not entered into materiality-have manifested and do at times manifest themselves to the entity. Apparently this man was being approached by brownies but was not listening to them! Cayce went on to explain, “Brownies, pixies, fairies, gnomes are not elementals, but elements that are as definite entities as man materialized, see?” (1265-3) Here we see Cayce parsing the details of elementals and entities, clarifying that fairies are of the elements but are in fact individuated entities like humans are as well. We’ll have more on the elementals in Chapter 9. For now, we’re focusing on the fairies and their variations, as well as other types of invisible little people.     Lovely Rhiannon

 To a young lady getting a reading, he said, “Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you see fairies as ye study, for you will nurture these experiences. Don’t be afraid to say that you see the gnomes which would hinder peoples at times.” (5359-1)

To another person getting a past-life reading, he explained, “Before this [incarnation] the entity was in the Scotch land. The entity began its activity as a prodigy, as one already versed in its associations with the unseen-or the elemental forces; the fairies and those of every form that do not give expression in a material way and are only seen by those who are attuned to the infinite.” (2547-1)

A fascinating reading came when Cayce was asked how to put forth an argument to persuade a man to accept the deal that was being offered to him. Cayce explained that there were unseen forces preparing “proper connections and a proper set-up” that would ultimately affect the desired outcome, and if they were patient “the little brownies come along and tell him what to do!” (257-87)

Baby Dew FaeryFairies, elves, and gnomes are beings affecting the world but remain mostly unseen. Brownies are actually of the family of fairies. Nymphs are female elves. Sprites are fairies of a particularly pleasant appearance and disposition. Pixies are mischievous fairies. Folklore describes them all as magical beings of diminutive human form. Gnomes are usually described as shriveled little old men that inhabit the interior of the Earth and act as guardians of its treasures.

It would seem that the young people today are closely “attuned to the infinite,” as Cayce put it, and are therefore interested in books and movies about the normally unseen fairies, elves, and gnomes. Let’s keep our eyes open, or as Jesus might have put it, whoever has eyes to see, let them see!


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