Sacred Essential Oils Evoking the Faery Realm of Urwelt

ancient difusser

Urwelt is the name of the faery realm in my books and readers will be treated to more of this faery Otherworld in my second book, The Lioness and the Faery Enchantment.  Urwelt means “primeval world” which is an apt description of the faery world which has been with us for since the beginning of humankind.  The grans spend some of their time in the world of Urwelt learning herbal wild crafting and other sacred healing arts which assist them on their new found adventures.  As many of you know, smell is our keenest sense evoking memories (both personal and ancient) and their ensuing emotions.  No essential oils do this more deeply than thefrankincense_tree_boswellia sacred oils of frankincense and myrrh.  I have never found a brand of these oils better than those I began purchasing from Ancient Essence over ten years ago.  These oils are highly concentrated and pure, but more importantly, uncut by any carrier oils or alcohol.  This is rare in the essential oil business.  I was entranced by the fragrance when I first encountered the oils at healthcare Frank and Myrrh bottleconference.  I was literally transported to another world where oils were used as an aid in the healing process—physical, emotional and spiritual.  I do not normally promote products on this website but my personal experience with these products is such that I want to share them with you.  The oils high vibrational frequency evokes a mystical appeal and presence from ancient times and dovetail deeply into the essence of the faery realm of Urwelt.  For more information on the unique therapeutic properties and uses of these oils go to Ancient Essence.  You will be pleased to finally find such a superb product of quality and integrity.

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